A unique way of improving overall sound while adding bass to your Jeep! Quad-Pods™ sound amazing and will enhance your existing audio system by incorporating 6.5” speakers in an unexplored area of your Jeep, along with 8” subwoofers to ignite that nagging low-end audio void! Quad-Pod™ design retains much of your rear cargo space and tough 8” metal speaker grilles are included with all Quad-Pods™ to protect your subwoofers. You can pile your gear between the pods…and the bass comes right through!

Dual-Sealed chambers in each pod will nullify interference between the subwoofer and full range cavities. The versatile Quad-Pods™ provide a tidy, factory appearance in all CJ7, YJ and TJ models. They allow uninterrupted use of fold-and-tumble rear seats and soft-top hardware, up or down. In each pod the 8” subwoofer enclosure has an ideal volume of 0.50 cubic feet and will fit most 8” subwoofers. The 6.5” speaker housing is 0.18 cubic feet and provides space for most 6.5” speakers with a mounting depth of up to 3+”. Quad-Pods™ are securely fastened to the wheel wells with included self-tapping hex-head screws and have concealed wire-lead holes for a clean installation. Powering the pods with an external amplifier (often mounted under the back seat) is a must to experience their full potential! Quad-Pods™ will fit ’76-’06 Jeep CJ7, YJ and TJ Wranglers. Sometimes TJ Wrangler fitment is even better if a ½” spacer is placed under each pod, but not always. Results are affected by carpet thickness and whether or not the factory footman loops are still in your floor.

All Quad-Pods™ include a pair of 8” metal-mesh grilles, mounting hardware and installation instructions. Quad-Pods™ are available empty so you can add your own audio equipment, or they’re offered with your choice of Kicker® speakers and subwoofers providing crisp midrange & highs, and tight, clean bass. Both versions provide crisp midrange & highs, and tight, clean bass.

The Quad-Pods™ fit CJ7, YJ and TJ Wrangler & ’04-’06 Wrangler Unlimited

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