Select Increments® JKU-Pods ignite the sound stage in the rear of all 4-door ’07-’18 JK Unlimited Wranglers, essentially replacing the anemic factory sound bar. The pods accept 6.5” or 6.75” 2-way speakers or Component systems. 

While the pods can be used in any modified audio system, they’re also easily integrated into your factory sound system by tapping into your Jeep’s rear speaker wires for signal.  There’s any easy access point to do this along the floor by the passenger seat which is fully explained in the installation instructions.  You then use an amplifier to power the pods.  Your fader control will operate both the pods and the sound bar simultaneously, but the dialed-down factory output to the sound bar has been remedied by the JKU-Pods!  The entire sound stage is vastly improved throughout the vehicle and your rear passengers can finally hear the music too!

JKU-Pods mount easily to the factory sport cage with included specialty screws.  No modifications are needed because the pods mount directly over the cloth and padding.  Each pod has a concealed wire-lead hole to hide speaker wires as they exit the pod and slip under the roll bar cover. 

There are three different versions of JKU-Pods to choose from: 

30647: The pods and mounting hardware only. You supply your own speakers, amplifier, wiring and connectors.  The pods will arrive with the tweeter holes uncut, allowing you to cut the correct sized holes for your specific component tweeters, or leave them uncut to use 2-way speakers. 

30647K: You can get the pods with Kicker® Component speakers included.  The tweeter holes are pre-cut and ready for the Kicker Component System.  You will need to supply your own amplifier, wiring and connectors with this version.

30647KL: You can get the pods with the Kicker 6.75” Component speakers, a Kicker 2-channel amplifier, an 8-gauge amplifier wiring kit and all necessary connectors and hardware to incorporate the pods into your current sound system whether it’s factory or modified. 

All versions arrive with pre-cut woofer mounting holes ready to accept either 6.5” or 6.75” speakers.  JKU-Pods purchased with Kicker equipment will arrive with pre-cut tweeter holes since their cut-out diameter is known.

The Kicker Component speakers are rated at 100 watts RMS per side.  The Kicker amplifier sends a true 30 watts RMS to each pod for a total of 60 watts of continuous power at 4 ohms which is plenty – you’ll likely set the gain control on the amp at about 30%.

JKU-Pods fit all ’07-’18 Wrangler JK Unlimited models with hard and/or soft tops.  Self-tapping screws, black hex caps, rubber grommets, poly-fill and detailed instructions with photos are included with every pair of pods.  JKU-Pods will not fit any of the 2-door JK Wranglers.