Select Increments® Neo-Pod is compatible with all ’07-’10 2-door JK Wrangler and all 4-door ’07-’18 JK Unlimited Wranglers. The Neo-Pod houses an 8” shallow-mount subwoofer to fill in that low-end audio void!  The pod easily slips in under the passenger seat for a factory and stealthy appearance with no need to remove the seat for installation.* The pod’s low-profile allows passenger weight to sink into the seat normally, unlike a competing product that’s too tall, making the passenger seat feel rigid and uncomfortable.  Specialty screws easily attach the Neo-Pod to the floor and black screw caps complete the look.  Bass output is maximized because the sub fires downward, hovering just above the floor.  If you have custom-fit rubber floor mats, the rear mat can rest on the back of the pod without issue. 

The Neo-Pod can be integrated into both factory and upgraded systems.  Even if you have the factory subwoofer, the Neo-Pod can be added for additional bass.  For those looking to add some bass while keeping their factory system intact, the Neo-Pod can gain the complete signal from the factory sound bar speaker wires.  There is a very easy place to tap into those wires along the floor, under the trim, by the passenger seat.  The signal from those wires is then used to power an amplifier which can reside under the driver seat, for example.

There’s a small metal bracket* attached to the passenger seat riser with two screws and the bracket has one or more wire plugs mounted to it.  After removing the bracket, the plugs are easily relocated to the seat frame as shown in the installation instructions.  Clearing the way for the Neo-Pod is really easy!

The Neo-Pod has an internal sealed volume of .375 cubic feet and an 8” shallow-mount subwoofer maximum mounting depth of 2-7/8”.  Pod sidewalls are an impressive .25” thick, nullifying any vibration.

The Neo-Pod is available in three configurations:

#31649Neo-Pod and mounting hardware only.
#31649KPod, mounting hardware, and an 8” Kicker® shallow-mount subwoofer with dual-ohm voice coils for wiring flexibility.
#31649KLNeo-Pod, mounting hardware, Kicker 8” shallow-mount subwoofer with dual
2-ohm voice coils rated at 150 watts rms @ 4 ohms, Kicker Mono-Amplifier rated at 150 watts rms @ 4 ohms, Kicker Remote Bass Level Controller, 8 gauge amp wiring kit.

The Neo-Pod will not fit 2-door ’11-’18 JK Wranglers because the seat frame and riser are different, allowing the seat to tilt forward, but leaving no room for the pod. If your 2-door JK passenger seat entirely lifts and tilts forward the Neo-Pod will not fit.

* Some very early 2007 models have seat position sensors that will need to be moved which necessitates seat removal, and a metal bracket that has welds, not screws, that would need to be removed to pull the bracket.  These issues are for 2007 models manufactured prior to 10/12/2006.